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Solving the problem of fast battery discharge in iOS 7.1

Not so long ago released update iOS 7.1 brought not only a number of improvements and fixes, but also, as usual, new problems. The most unpleasant problem, of course, is the rapid discharge of the iPhone 5s / 5c / 5 battery, which has encountered the largest number of updated ones. By the way, a considerable number of users are fine and the battery life has only increased. Those who are unlucky are advised to get acquainted with our advice on how to correct this trouble.

Solving the problem of fast battery discharge in iOS 7.1
We start, as usual, with simple and even obvious solutions and gradually move on to heavy artillery:
1. Turn off the background update of the content of the installed programs, for this go the following way: Settings> General> Update programs and switch the main switch to an inactive position, or if this functionality is vitally important for you, we disable only unnecessary programs.
2. Turn off Bluetooth, which for some reason automatically activated after the installation of the update. To do this, open the control center of the svaypom from the bottom of the screen and click on the corresponding icon.
3. Those who encountered the problem of "hot iPhone" (fast battery discharge + tangible heating of the device) will help the next tip. To begin, you need to close all programs, for this we press the Home button twice and close up all the running applications upside down. The second stage is a hard reset of the device, for this we simultaneously clamp the Home and the power button and hold until the device is rebooted.
4. The last stage, for those who do not help at all. Network experts advise trying a "clean installation" iOS 7.1. For this:
A) We make a full backup of the device through iTunes.
B) On the device's home screen in iTunes, click the restore button and agree that all data on the device will be erased.
C) After the restore, configure the device as a new one, or, more obviously, restore it from a copy of iTunes.
These simple tips, ideally, should solve the problem with the rapid discharge of the battery in iOS 7.1, but of course there are no guarantees, and if you are unlucky and after all that has been done, it remains only to wait for the release of the next update, which, probably, will not keep you waiting .