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Simple rules: how to make iOS7 more convenient

Almost a month has passed since the moment when iOS 7 started on the planet with leaps and bounds and became available for installation. Despite all the contradictory and radical redesign of the system, its share on Apple devices is growing by leaps and bounds. Your humble servant also updated his device, which, by the way, repeatedly regretted. However, after spending some time with the "seven" on the iPad mini, developed for himself a few rules, when using which "user experience" is not so messy.

Simple rules: how to make iOS7 more convenient
I remind you, dear readers, that users of iPhone 4 and older models, including iPod and iPad, can upgrade to iOS 7. To be honest, I was surprised by this bold move by Apple, because the processor A4 of three years ago can bear all the load of the new "Iyos"? Nevertheless, at the very least, the apparatus, panting and panting, tries not to hit the dirt in the face. However, we are distracted - leave the "four" alone and talk about the very iOS 7.

Having read in the network a good one thousand angry comments, I realized that I'm not alone and the problems that I found for myself are found in most of the updated users. Let's start with the fonts, which, undoubtedly, look great on devices with Retina-display. But what about those who have dots per inch less than the notorious 263 ppi? After all, to watch - excuse me - "buckwheat porridge" on your screen does not want anyone, but the ladder of fonts is just that and is. But there is a way out, my friends.
We enter the Settings application, select the "Basic" section, then "Universal access" and move the slider on the line "Bold" to the On position.

(You can also increase the font size in the "Larger font" item).
The device will go into respring and - ta-dam! - get the font from the iOS 6 favorite so much.

Another lifhak. Are you used to drawing on the on / off sliders for functions? And this is not a problem! We travel to "Settings", then - "Basic", then - "Universal access" and find the section "Labels On / Off." Simply translate "knife switch" to "ON" and nostalgic for the old iOS 6.

Many, if you believe the world wide web, just sickened from iOS 7, as soon as they installed it on their devices. No, no, not that the system is so disgusting, just the newly introduced effect of Parallax does not affect everyone positively. The body of each person is specific and there is nothing strange in that the vestibular apparatus of individuals does not accept three-dimensional wallpaper on the desktop. If you enter into their number, then we will help you!
We go to our favorite "Settings" => "Basic", => "Universal access" => select the "Reduce traffic" tab. Voila, the icons no longer hang over the wallpaper, but are densely nailed to them. And charging is less spent and an unpleasant effect for the body disappears.

And finally, since we started talking about wallpaper, let's remember about such a chip of iOS 7, as transparency. Now Control Center, Notification Panel and the bottom dock with the main applications let through the shades of the colors of the picture installed on the working screen. To perceive the textual information on such "jerkiness" is far from convenient, as, for example, on a quieter background. A snapshot, which can be seen below, will give my words clarity:

So, my friends, I hope that this article is at least a little bit, but it helped someone. Use iOS 7 and wait for version 7.1 - it's just around the corner!