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iPhone secret

Determine which LTE-modem is installed in your iPhone 7

As you know, the iPhone 7 uses LTE-modems produced by two companies: Intel and Qualcomm. At the same time, there is no strict division by markets, and no labeling will tell you the manufacturer of the cellular module installed in your smartphone. At the same time, according to the Cellular Insights research, Qualcomm chips work much more efficiently than Intel products. So find out exactly what is installed in a specific iPhone 7 - very useful. How can this be done?

The Secret of the iPhone: Redialling the Number

There is a quick way to dial the last number. Open "Phone", select: "Dialing", tapping "Call" - the last dialed number will be displayed, repeated tap on the "Call" icon will lead to the dialing of this number.

The Secret of iPhone: Removing screenshots / creating screenshots

To create a screenshot, you must simultaneously press the Power and Home buttons on the device. The image appears in the Camera Roll.

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