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What should I do if the iPhone stops charging?

Interestingly, many experts call the problem with charging the iPhone almost the main thing for Apple's gadgets. Yes, until you come across it yourself it's hard to believe it, but the facts are facts, and statistics only once again confirms the real picture.

What to do if the Finder crashes (how to restart) ?

Computers running macOS are famous for their trouble-free work, but there are problems here. Including the most macOS or one of its components. Today we will talk about the hangup of the Explorer Finder and how to solve this trouble.

What should I do if the iPhone screen does not rotate?

It happens that the image on the iPhone screen neither from nor for no longer responds to the device's rotation and freezes in one of the orientations (landscape or book). The cause can be both hardware and software failure. What to do in this case? - Read below.

How to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to iPhone, iPad or Mac via Airdrop

Since the release of iOS 7, Apple has been promoting AirDrop technology. Which is designed to exchange multimedia information between devices running on iOS and macOS.

How to remove red eyes from a photo on iPhone?

The problem of red eyes in the photographs is already a hundred years old at lunch. However, it is easily solved using standard applications. Today I will tell you how to remove red eyes from a photo on the iPhone.

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