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How to restore photos on iPhone?

Some particularly hasty iPhone users often become victims of their own quickness. Reset important settings or accidentally delete a photo - and then the question arises how to restore valuable files? We answer.

How to subscribe / unsubscribe to / from Apple Music?

Apple Music - one of the main Internet services of Apple. It contains a huge collection of music tracks. Register in the program and subscribe to always have the opportunity to enjoy music from any device running iOS and macOS.

How do I delete my Apple ID?

The reason, due to which there will be a need to delete your Apple ID, is not easy to find. But since such questions arise in our comments, it means that people are interested in this. Well we will answer this question in a small instruction.

How to find Safari saved passwords on iPhone, iPad ?

All Apple devices running iOS and macOS have an excellent built-in password manager called Keychain. "Bundle" not only stores all your passwords in one, securely protected place, but also synchronizes all your accounts between all available devices in iCloud.

How can I block a certain number on iPhone?

If you have an iPhone, you can easily block incoming calls, and this will not only prevent an ordinary phone call, but also the delivery of messages or attempts to contact FaceTime. Obviously, this is a very useful tutorial for many reasons, especially when you need to avoid any unpleasant person or just an eccentric.

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