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iPhone secret

How to manage iPhone / iPad from a computer?

Unfortunately, Apple has not yet provided its admirers with standard tools for such operations. Therefore, only those users who previously hacked the device with jailbreak will be able to manage the iPhone / iPad from the computer.

How to restart / switch off / on the iPhone?

With the massive proliferation of mobile devices, we began to forget that such an inclusion and deactivation of the gadget, because they work is not as stable as the same computers. But even the most stable of them (we read iPhone / iPad) sometimes give failures, which may require their rebooting.

How to enter DFU mode on iPhone / iPad?

From time to time, users experience problems updating their devices. Updates - this is of course good, but it will end up unsuccessfully - and

Should I close running applications on iPhone / iPad?

Battles that users do not need to manually close applications from the multitasking panel, have been going on for years. How many do not prove that this does not make sense, many still activate the multitasking mode, then "kill" each application. And repeat it sometimes several times a day. So is it worth it to close running applications on the iPhone / iPad for the sake of battery saving?

How to download a book on iPhone / iPad?

With the development of information technology, smartphones, tablet computers, more and more users prefer e-books instead of paper ones. As a consequence, an increasing number of users have a question - how to download a book on the iPhone / iPad.

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