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iPhone secret

Notes in iOS: how to install and remove the password

If you have an iPhone or iPad with iOS 9.3 or higher, then you can easily hide your notes from prying eyes. All you need is to set a password for the corresponding note.

How to recover the password from Apple ID?

Registration Apple ID - this is a pretty tricky process, requiring patience and wild imagination. The first is necessary in order to stoically render the filling of a mass of information fields and forms.

How do I clear the cache on the iPhone / iPad?

Cache - system information that is stored in the internal memory of the device and includes all the data about downloads, the actions of programs, updates, visited sites, etc. In normal operation of a smartphone or tablet, this information can not affect the speed of the gadget in any way.

How to restart your iPhone 7?

After the release of the iPhone 7, many users noted: they do not know how to reset the phone. The old way - the Home button + the lock button - does not work.

How to use iPhone / iPad as a USB flash drive?

I remember, about ten years ago the popularity of "dummies" was rapidly falling due to the commissioning of flash drives. Now this process (due to the development of cloud storage) are subject to flash drives. But turning an iPhone / iPad into a similar storage will be useful.

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