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iPhone secret

Simple rules: how to make iOS7 more convenient

Almost a month has passed since the moment when iOS 7 started on the planet with leaps and bounds and became available for installation. Despite all the contradictory and radical redesign of the system, its share on Apple devices is growing by leaps and bounds.

7 reasons not to jailbreak

At the end of last year, hackers pleased iOS-users with one nice update: jailbreak now can fully work on iOS 7. According to most of my friends and acquaintances, absolutely nobody uses a broken system, but statistics say that 10% of users of iOS devices all -take a jailbreak. To date, this is about 60 million gadgets.

Solving the problem of fast battery discharge in iOS 7.1

Not so long ago released update iOS 7.1 brought not only a number of improvements and fixes, but also, as usual, new problems. The most unpleasant problem, of course, is the rapid discharge of the iPhone 5s / 5c / 5 battery, which has encountered the largest number of updated ones.

How can I change the vibrator on iPhone?

Not so long ago, we managed to discover an unusual secret that will help make every contact in the iPhone phonebook unique. Earlier this was obtained thanks to a photo or a funny contact name. Now we will do it with a vibrating signal.

How to quickly remove music from your iPhone / iPad?

With the advent of Apple Music, we no longer need to store a lot of music on the iPhone / iPad, because most of it is transferred online. Some users and completely refuse to store music on their devices to save a little space. Especially on gadgets with a memory capacity of 16 GB.

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