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How to restart / switch off / on the iPhone?

With the massive proliferation of mobile devices, we began to forget that such an inclusion and deactivation of the gadget, because they work is not as stable as the same computers. But even the most stable of them (we read iPhone / iPad) sometimes give failures, which may require their rebooting.

How to restart / switch off / on the iPhone? Reboot in the normal state
Let's say the system crashes a little and hangs. In this case, one of their outputs will reboot the device. Note that all the keys and interface elements we have at the same time work stably. Then:

Hold down the Power button.
When the slider of the device turns off, do it with the svayp from left to right.
After the screen turns off, again press the Power button to turn on the unit.
How do I reset the iPhone if it hangs?
In this state, the device does not respond to any user actions. To reset your smartphone in this state:

Press the On buttons. And "Home" (for iPhone 7, change "Home" to the lower volume of the volume), hold them for about 10 seconds.
When the screen turns off, release the key. At the same time, the Apple logo should appear on the screen.
If this does not happen, press the power button one more time. Perhaps you hurried and counted the time too quickly, or pressed the key too hard. It is only necessary to resort to such a method of rebooting in extreme situations, when the device does not react to actions in general. In other cases it is better to use the standard method.

Reboot the iPhone without the participation of mechanical buttons

To control the actions of the smartphone without mechanical keys, you can use the Assistive Touch function:

Activate it. To do this, go to the settings and select "Basic".
Go down to the "Universal Access" tab.
Select the Assistive Touch function and turn it off.
Now you will see a touch button on the screen of your device. If you click on it, a panel will appear, with which you can perform auxiliary operations. To use the Assistive Touch to reload the iPhone:

Open the operations panel.
Select "Device".
Press the "Screen Lock" function for a few seconds.
When the shutdown frame appears, swipe from left to right over it with a swipe.
If the mechanical Home button does not work, then to turn on the device it will need to be connected to the laptop / computer via the USB port.