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How to manage iPhone / iPad from a computer?

Unfortunately, Apple has not yet provided its admirers with standard tools for such operations. Therefore, only those users who previously hacked the device with jailbreak will be able to manage the iPhone / iPad from the computer.

How to manage iPhone / iPad from a computer? Use the Veency utility
How does this free tweak work? In fact, the utility makes a VNC server from our iPhone / iPad. Well, to him, respectively, can connect either another mobile device, or a personal computer. If the connection is successful, the user can monitor the contents of the iPhone / iPad desktop directly from his PC. So, what needs to be done for this?

Run Cydia on your machine.
Click the "Search" tab.
Find and install the Tweak Veency.
Open the device settings.
Go to the Wi-Fi tab.
Next to the name of the wireless network to which the iPhone / iPad is connected, find the "i" icon and click on it.
Save the IP address.
Install the VNC Viewer for Google Chrome.
Start the extension in the browser and enter the previously recorded IP.
Click the "Connect" button.
Enable the connection on your smartphone.
As you can see, everything is simple. For work, you only need jailbreak, as well as a couple of VNC utilities - for the iPhone and for the desktop browser.