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How to enter DFU mode on iPhone / iPad?

From time to time, users experience problems updating their devices. Updates - this is of course good, but it will end up unsuccessfully - and then rake the consequences. To help (most likely) will come DFU mode.

How to enter DFU mode on iPhone / iPad? What is DFU mode on iPhone / iPad and what does it eat?
From the English word combination Device Firmware Update, DFU is a mode that allows you to update the apple device. It can also be called emergency, and iTunes unambiguously indicates that this is a recovery mode, if in this state the device is connected to a personal computer via a USB cable.

The question may arise: "Is not this the same thing with Recovery Mode?". No, not one. Because in DFU iPhone or iPad do not submit any signs of life. Neither pictures, no reaction to keystrokes, no-th-th. But this mode in some cases helps to load in normal mode, if there was some software failure. Of course, if the device does not fall into the so-called "recovery loop".

How to enter the DFU mode?

To enter the iPhone / iPad into DFU, you need to complete the following steps:

Connect the device to a PC / laptop.
Disconnect the device: hold down the "On" and "Home" keys for about 10 seconds (for iPhone 7, press the power button and the lower volume rocker) until the screen turns off.
As soon as the screen turns back on, press the "Power" button, and press the "Home" button (for iPhone 7 lower volume rocker) continue to hold.

Now you just have to wait for the PC to recognize your device. Verify that the iPhone / iPad is booted in DFU mode, iTunes will help.