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How to download a book on iPhone / iPad?

With the development of information technology, smartphones, tablet computers, more and more users prefer e-books instead of paper ones. As a consequence, an increasing number of users have a question - how to download a book on the iPhone / iPad.

How to download a book on iPhone / iPadWhat will we need?
It's obvious that:

Device (iPhone / iPad) with a cable for synchronization (you can replace this item and synchronize over Wi-Fi, if one is configured).
Personal computer or laptop.
The iBooks application installed on the device.
Download e-books
To download these files to our device we will use iTunes. One very important point: to add a book, it must be the appropriate format. More specifically, the extension should be: ePub. This is not the only valid extension (for example, it supports more PDF), but anyway that via iTunes can not be downloaded either. And now we go directly to the process of adding books:

Open on your PC or laptop iTunes. Before making sure that its latest version is used.
Select the "File" category and call the "Add file to library" function. A window will appear in which you will need to select a book.
Now the file must be successfully added to iTunes. You can even notice the cover of the book.
Connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer / laptop via cable (or via Wi-Fi).
Select the "Books" section.
Tick ​​the "Sync books" box.
Click the "Apply" button.
Wait until the files are synchronized.
That's it, now we just launch iBooks on iPhone / iPad and enjoy reading. Books, by the way, you can buy directly from iBooks. But the choice of books in Russian leaves much to be desired.