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7 reasons not to jailbreak

At the end of last year, hackers pleased iOS-users with one nice update: jailbreak now can fully work on iOS 7. According to most of my friends and acquaintances, absolutely nobody uses a broken system, but statistics say that 10% of users of iOS devices all -take a jailbreak. To date, this is about 60 million gadgets.
7 reasons not to jailbreak
As before, we ask our readers not to put a broken system on their device for a variety of reasons. One of them is the earnings of developers. The saved 33 rubles is in fact a great loss for each of those people who created and released one of a million applications in the App Store. In fact, a lot of money earns only the first 100 games and applications, while the rest is satisfied with much less. But if the moral side of the issue does not bother you, then there are other ways. The editors of the blog OS X Daily prepared a list of problems that may arise due to the installation of jailbreak. publishes a short version of the translation:

Lack of security. In iOS, there are a number of protective measures that prevent cybercriminals from stealing or accessing information on your device. When you jailbreak, a lot of security holes appear on the iPhone / iPad, which significantly reduces the security of the gadget: hackers can steal important data or damage the device.
Instability. After jailbreak installation, the system can be unstable, glitches / lags will be noticed, the device will hang and even reboot. Against the backdrop of not the most stable work of iOS 7, the situation will become even more critical.
Autonomy. The charge of the battery will go to nowhere with even greater speed. If you consider that the iPhone is not a long-lived one, then with a jailbreak, the battery charge becomes your every minute headache. In addition, if you use trackers, such as the Moves application or Nike's running application, the battery will only be charged for half a day.
Loss of signal. A number of examples show that after hacking the system, the iPhone can simply turn off the calls, from time to time the signal disappears on the device, the Internet can work more slowly.
Interruptions in the operation of services. If you need all the services of Apple for full work with the iPhone / iPad, then after installation of a jailbreak a number of such can go into oblivion. For example, weather and stocks do not support jail, and notifications will be sent with a long delay. Also there are problems with synchronization of data via iCloud.
Life without updates. As you know, if you put a jail on your device, you can not update it. In other words, no improvements in the system, no iOS 8 until the day the next Jail is ready. And this will have to wait a very, very long time.
All these reasons have long had to repel the desire to put a jail on the device, but if this did not happen, there is one more. Apple has the right to refuse warranty service of the device if it was jailbroken.